The senior thesis project marks the end of one's journey through UCSD's Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts program; for twenty three weeks in their final year, students work on a project that symbolizes their perspective as an artist or musician.

The theme of my thesis project was exploring the re-contexualization of experimental piano techniques within the compositional structures found in radio-friendly pop music.


The creative process for the project started with recording demos to test out the timbres of various extended piano techniques, as well as assemble a batch of songs that could be used for the project.

Eventually, I had narrowed the scope of the project down to eleven songs, some of which were written for this project specifically while others were pieces I had composed in the past. On a lyrical level, the project aimed to recount my own experiences in college.


While recording demos, I wound up further narrowing the project down to six pieces in order to keep the project focused and cohesive (but not forced).

I also had five friends join the project as guest vocalists so as to complete the project's objective of maintaining the compositional structure of a pop song.

The project was presented during the 2011 UCSD ICAM.best_of presentations.